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Aims. The identities of the main processes triggering and quenching star-formation in galaxies remain unclear. A key stage in evolution, however, appears to be represented by post-starburst galaxies. To investigate the prevalence of these galaxies and their impact on galaxy evolution in general, we initiated a multiwavelength study of galaxies with k + a(More)
We investigate Klein tunneling in graphene heterojunctions under the influence of a perpendicular magnetic field via the non-equilibrium Green's function method. We find that the angular dependence of electron transmission is deflected sideways, resulting in the suppression of normally incident electrons and overall decrease in conductance. The off-normal(More)
Aims. We study the dependence of galaxy clustering on luminosity and stellar mass at redshifts z ∼ [0.2 − 1], using the first 10K redshifts from the zCOSMOS spectroscopic survey of the COSMOS field. Methods. We measure the redshift-space correlation functions ξ(r p , π) and ξ(s) and the projected function, w p (r p) for sub-samples covering different(More)
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