Yingzi Luan

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Electrochemical treatment is among the most effective therapies in the management of cervical malignancy. However, the mechanism of action of this treatment remains largely unknown. Therefore, the purpose of the current project was to establish a suitable eletrochemotherapy regimen for cervical cancer and to investigate the mechanism of the therapy in an in(More)
Platinum agents and paclitaxel (taxol) are among the most effective drugs currently available for treatment of ovarian cancer. One of the hurdles with taxol and platinum- based therapy is the clinical development of resistance to these agents. To investigate the mechanism of drug resistance in human ovarian cancer, we developed and characterized 5 cell(More)
Chemotherapy plays a major role in cancer management; however, acquired drug resistance remains a significant problem for ovarian cancer treatment. Chemoresistance is regulated by the coordinated expression of a set of genes. Thus, the identification of genes specifically modulated in the process provides an important step toward the discovery of underlying(More)
This paper builds a smart healthcare system architecture, called E-health network, using the existing wireless and wired network foundation, the comprehensive utilization of the latest development of cognitive radio communication including idle spectrum monitoring to reduce the coexistence interference, flexible cross layer management protocol, efficient(More)
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