Yingzhou Zhang

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Formal semantic description is significant for design, reasoning and standardization of programming languages, and it plays an important part in the optimization of the compiler. However, compared to the amount of effort that has been made to the research of various semantic frameworks over more than forty years, their actual applications are definitely(More)
with the rapid growth of Web services and the need of quickly finding the right services, automatically clustering Web services becomes exceedingly important and challenging. The performance of Web services clustering relies closely on services representation, the similarity measure, and the clustering algorithm. This paper first presents a WordNet-VSM(More)
As the development of web service (WS), applications based on web services (WS), which are convenient and platform-independent, have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, how to identify, generate and compose services are still open issues. This paper proposes a method based on program slicing to realize the generation and composition of web(More)
In order to detect image spam effectively, we propose a method based on a K-labels propagation model (KLPM) in this paper. Specifically, the speeded up robust features (SURF) of each image are extracted firstly. Then to standardize the features of each image, an improved means clustering algorithm is used to cluster these features and get the information of(More)
Program slicing is widely used in applications such as program comprehension, software testing, debugging, measurement, and reengineering. This paper proposes a new approach for program slicing, called modular monadic slicing, basing on modular monadic semantics of the program analysed. We abstract the computation of program slicing as a(More)
Testing Web Services (WS) is very important because it could guarantee a high degree of service quality and reliability. Automatic WS testing tools enable testers to complete testing in a shorter time, and they make it easy to repeat tests after each modification to a service. In this paper, we present monadWS, a prototype tool of monad-based automated(More)
In this paper, we discuss wireless reduction of quality (RoQ) attacks against the transmission control protocol (TCP). RoQ attacks can dramatically degrade the TCP performance with a less number of wireless jamming attacking packets, which makes them rather difficult to detect. We propose a RoQ attack model which exposes the possibility to launch a RoQ(More)