Yingying Xia

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To overcome the instability of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) fingerprint spectra (FPS) and to build up absolute identification standard of TCM, the construction method of combinational numeral fingerprint spectra (CNFPS) was set up. The analysis of invariableness based on CNFPS was carried out. It can be used as absolute quantitative standard to(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to evaluate the role of high risk HPV DNA testing in identifying Chinese younger women with abnormal cytology at risk of harboring cervical intraepithelial neoplasia at grade 2 (CIN2) or worse so as to popularize an effective triage strategy for younger women. METHODS A total of 246 younger women aged 25 - 36 years old with(More)
Viscum coloratum is a perennial evergreen, semi-parasitic plant. It is generally used for treating cardiovascular diseases, cancer, hepatitis and hemorrhage. In this study, reliable methods were developed for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the common constituents in Viscum coloratum and its corresponding host. In the rapid qualitative(More)
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