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—A sufficient condition for the stability of uncertain complex networks is derived in terms of linear matrix inequalities based on the V-stability tool, which associates the self-dynamics of nodes with passivity degrees. Then, a pinning control strategy is proposed on the developed condition to stabilize the uncertain complex networks to a homogenous orbit.(More)
We describe a probably novel mutation in exon 5 of the presenilin 2 gene (Pro123Leu) in a Chinese familial early-onset Alzheimer's disease, which clinically manifests as progressive memory loss, cognitive impairment, parkinsonism, and myoclonic jerks. Clinical and neuroimaging examination, target region capture, and high-throughput sequencing were performed(More)
The problem of goal-oriented obstacle avoidance for mobile robot in unknown environment is studied. By imitating the preview navigation behavior of human, the paper proposed a novel real-time fuzzy navigation algorithm for mobile robot., Firstly, the preview path was estimated based on the current scenario. The objective orientation of robot was calculated(More)
This paper addresses the average consensus problem of multi-agent systems with neutral dynamics for the first time. By decoupling the neutral multi-agent system in terms of the eigenvalues of the Laplacian matrix, we establish necessary and sufficient conditions for average consensus of neutral multi-agent systems in undirected networks. For the particular(More)
In the recent years, China's auto industry develops rapidly, thus bringing a series of burdens to society and environment. This paper uses Logistic model to simulate the future trend of China's vehicle population and finds that China's auto industry would come into high speed development time during 2020-2050. Moreover, this paper predicts vehicles' fuel(More)
Electrodermal activity (EDA) delineates positive and negative emotions, especially in the lower arousal range, which reflects small variations. This study derived formulas to extract features from the EDA graph and found they are effective to predict search satisfaction and explain mobile shopping behaviors including add to cart, purchase, and abandonment(More)
As the rapid development of logistic technology in our country, the sorting efficiency of the distribution center becomes the bottle-neck in the whole process. At present, various sorting device emerge as the times require and the improvement of the sorting efficiency becomes the difficult problem of the sorting devices. This article begins from the(More)
In the field of information retrieval, the method of building a click model by mining click logs to improve the effect of the search engine has been widely studied. And Bayesian Browsing Model (BBM), for the calculation of the operability and the effectiveness of the result, is widely used. However, when applied in engineering, especially for the situation(More)