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In this paper, the weighted average prediction (WAP) is introduced into the existing consensus protocol for simultaneously improving the robustness to communication delay and the convergence speed of achieving the consensus. The frequency-domain analysis and algebra graph theory are employed to derive the necessary and sufficient condition guaranteeing the(More)
Due to the high complexity of vascular system network, the geometry reconstruction of vasculatures from raw medical datasets remains a very challenging task. In this paper, we present a novel skeleton-based method for the geometry reconstruction of vascular structures from standard 3D medical datasets. With the proposed techniques, the geometry of vascular(More)
Hand Gesture recognition systems enable people to interact with digital systems naturally. Due to the spread of body motion capture device, depth information is available for getting more delicate and effective gesture recognition results. However, due to the limitation of devices such as Microsoft Kinect, it is still very difficult to obtain hand gesture(More)