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In this paper, the weighted average prediction (WAP) is introduced into the existing consensus protocol for simultaneously improving the robustness to communication delay and the convergence speed of achieving the consensus. The frequency-domain analysis and algebra graph theory are employed to derive the necessary and sufficient condition guaranteeing the(More)
Dynamic hand gesture recognition enables people to communicate with computers naturally without any mechanical devices. Due to the spread of depth sensor such as Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion, dynamic hand gesture recognition becomes possible for recognizing meticulous gesture information in real time. However, most of these methods recognize the hand(More)
Based on the investigation above background of stem cell research, this paper obtains the research topics of different time-window series with LDA topic segment model, and then the emerging topics are identified and judged according to the assumption of emerging topic definition. This paper proposes a new method to detect and identify the emerging topic in(More)
The design of NPC(Non-Player Character) is an analytic process. It is relying on assumptions of human game players' behavior. In practice, however, different PCs(Player Characters) often exhibit variable behavior, making them difficult to predicate and complicating the design process. In this paper, we describe an approach for team AI planning and learning.(More)
In this paper, we present an approach of adaptive learning mechanism for game agents' real-time behavior control. This approach mainly focuses on how to generate game agent's adaptability in real-time. It is possible to apply our approach in complicated game character interactions by following the framework discussed in this paper. We consider the layered(More)
Hand Gesture recognition systems enable people to interact with digital systems naturally. Due to the spread of body motion capture device, depth information is available for getting more delicate and effective gesture recognition results. However, due to the limitation of devices such as Microsoft Kinect, it is still very difficult to obtain hand gesture(More)
This game is meant to be extension of the overly-beaten pacman-style game (code-named"Yet Another Pacman 3D Adventures", or YAP3DAD) from the proposed ideas and other projects with advance visual and computer graphics features, including a-game-in-a-game approach. The project is an open-source project published on SourceForge.net for possible future(More)