Yingying Jiang

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With the fast economic growth and urbanization of many developing countries come concerns that their children now have fewer opportunities to express creativity and develop collaboration skills, or to experience their local cultural heritage. We propose to address these concerns by creating technologies inspired by traditional arts, and allowing children to(More)
Computer-based geometry systems have been widely used for teaching and learning, but largely based on mouse-and-keyboard interaction, these systems usually require users to draw figures by following strict task structures defined by menus, buttons, and mouse and keyboard actions. Pen-based designs offer a more natural way to develop geometry theorem proofs(More)
Concept maps are an important tool to organize, represent, and share knowledge. Building a concept map involves creating text-based concepts and specifying their relationships with line-based links. Current concept map tools usually impose specific task structures for text and link construction, and may increase cognitive burden to generate and interact(More)
Gesture inputs on multi-touch tabletops usually involve multiple fingers (more than two) and casual touchdowns or liftoffs of fingers. This flexibility of touch gestures allows more natural user interaction, but also poses new challenges for accurate recognition of multi-touch gestures. To address these challenges, we propose a new approach to recognize(More)
Concept maps are an important tool to knowledge organization, representation, and sharing. Most current concept map tools do not provide full support for hand-drawn concept map creation and manipulation, largely due to the lack of methods to recognize hand-drawn concept maps. This paper proposes a structure recognition method. Our algorithm can extract node(More)
Chinese text entry is challenging on mobile devices which rely on keypad input. Entering one character may require many key presses. This paper proposes a multimodal text entry technique for Chinese. In this method, Chinese user can enter Chinese text by simultaneously using the simplified phonemic input method named Jianpin with keypad and speech(More)
While multi-touch design allows natural and flexible figure gestures in interacting with mobile devices, the palm-size screen often limits its potential in application and arouses issues such as inefficient mode switch and incomplete gesture. To enrich the vocabulary of finger gestures in user interaction, we present Thumb Widgets, a mechanism that adopts(More)
As concept maps are useful for knowledge organization, representation and sharing, people used to draw concept maps by pen in their daily life. And some concept maps are closely related to physical world. In this paper, we propose a kind of context-aware hand-drawn concept map with RFID tags, which is especially useful for pen-based mobile devices. First,(More)