Yingying Cong

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Biodegradable metals have attracted considerable attentions in recent years. Besides the early launched biodegradable Mg and Fe metals, Zn, an essential element with osteogenic potential of human body, is regarded and studied as a new kind of potential biodegradable metal quite recently. Unfortunately, pure Zn is soft, brittle and has low mechanical(More)
In this paper, titanium-doped zinc oxide (TZO) films were prepared by radio frequency (RF) sputtering at different RF powers acting as the channel layers of thin film transistors (TFTs). Through the analysis of scanning electron microscope (SEM), X-Ray diffraction (XRD) and transfer characteristics, we studied the effects of RF power on properties of TZO(More)
As a basic block of carbon materials with different dimensions, graphene has shown great potential in novel device field. As a result, it becomes extremely important to break the zero-band-gap status of graphene sheet. In this work, the density functional theory (DFT) has been carried out to calculate the electronic structure of La-doped monolayer graphene(More)
High stability amorphous indium gallium zinc oxide (a-IGZO) thin-film transistors (TFTs) were fabricated on glass substrate without post annealing. The fabrication process and the stability of back channel etched (BCE) bottom gate a-IGZO TFTs on glass were proposed in detail. We studied the stability of the a-IGZO TFTs are subjected to the negative and(More)
This paper aims at improving the performances of Titanium-doped Zinc-oxide (TZO) Thin-Film-Transistors (TFTs) by optimizing the source/drain materials. We successfully fabricate TZO TFTs with different source/drain materials, such as Al, Mo, Cr, Mo/Al/Mo and Cr/Al/Cr. No intentional substrate-heating is performed during each deposition step and the highest(More)
In this work, we have successfully fabricated bottom gate fully transparent tin-doped zinc oxide thin film transistors (TZO TFTs) fabricated on flexible plastic substrate at low temperature by RF magnetron sputtering. The effect of O2/Ar gas flow ratio during channel deposition on the electrical properties of TZO TFTs was investigated, and we found that the(More)
Thin film transistors (TFTs) with Gadolinium-doped Aluminum-Zinc-Oxide (Gd-AZO) thin film as the active layer were fabricated on glass substrate at room temperature. Amorphous Gd-AZO crystal structure which is benefit for high performance devices was obtained. The variation trend of TFTs properties with O<sub>2</sub> partial pressure was investigated.(More)
In this work, fully transparent high performance double-channel indium-tin-oxide/Al-Sn-Zn-O thin-film transistors (ITO/ATZO TFTs) are successfully fabricated on glass by radio frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering. The ITO layer acts as the bottom channel layer to increase the channel carrier concentration. The top ATZO channel layer, which is deposited via(More)
Since the report [1] in 2004 on transparent and flexible thin film transistors (TFTs) using amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O (IGZO), an increasing number of companies [2] have taken part into developing this type of TFTs and have demonstrated various flat panel displays (FPDs), including e-papers, organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and liquid crystal displays(More)
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