Yingyi Yang

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As one of the most popular distributed storage systems, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) has structure to accommodate mass data processing. However, the master/slave architecture only has one single Namenode for metadata management, which has put HDFS in the risk of Single Point of Failure (SPoF). To resolve the problem, there have been a few solutions(More)
Geo-replicated cloud storage provides good scalability, availability and fault-tolerance for managing big data of high-volume, velocity and variety nature. However, the prickly trade-off between consistency, cost and response time, which is brought in by geo-replicated cloud storage, poses great challenges to big data management. The goal of this work is to(More)
Interoperability between heterogeneous objects of Internet of Things (IoT) and massive data generated in the course of processing bring enormous challenges to application development of Internet of Things. To accommodate changeful application requirements of Internet of Things, a cloud-based development platform for services and bundles is proposed. On the(More)
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