Yingxiong Song

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Abstract The performance of the optical frequency comb generation based on the re-circulating frequency shifter has been analyzed and demonstrated in this paper. We have theoretically analyzed the condition for flatness of the optical frequency comb and the relative intensity noise influence. We find out the influence to the flatness of optical comb owing(More)
High speed modulation based on bandwidth limited devices is desired for cost-effective PON capacity upgrade. In this paper, we investigate the equalization techniques for enabling 25-Gb/s transmission with 10G-class optics. A comparison between FFE and DFE based equalizer and MLSE based digital equalizer is made, where 13-tap FFE and 3-tap DFE are required(More)
A simple, low cost and robust OFDM-PON symbol synchronization technology is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The main idea of this algorithm is to make use of the periodicity of the OFDM symbol to achieve symbol and frame synchronization at the receiver. This technology is applicable for the OFDM-PON system as some simple subtraction is required(More)
A low-complexity joint symbol synchronization and SFO estimation scheme for asynchronous optical IMDD OFDM systems based on only one training symbol is proposed. Numerical simulations and experimental demonstrations are also under taken to evaluate the performance of the mentioned scheme. The experimental results show that robust and precise symbol(More)
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