Yingxiao Jiang

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Tor proteins, homologous to DNA-dependent protein kinases, participate in a signal transduction pathway in yeast that regulates protein synthesis and cell wall expansion in response to nutrient availability. The anti-inflammatory drug rapamycin inhibits yeast cell growth by inhibiting Tor protein signaling. This leads to diminished association of a protein,(More)
Strains carrying ras2(318S) as their sole RAS gene fail to elicit a transient increase in cAMP levels following addition of glucose to starved cells but maintain normal steady-state levels of cAMP under a variety of growth conditions. Such strains show extended delays in resuming growth following transition from a quiescent state to glucose-containing(More)
Gamma ray can promote cancer cell apoptosis and cell cycle arrest. It is often used in the clinical treatment of tumors, including lung cancer. In this study, we aimed to explore the role of gamma ray treatment and its correlation with BTG2 in cell proliferation, apoptosis, and cell cycle arrest regulation in a lung cancer cell line. A549 cell viability,(More)
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