Yingxiang Liu

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To make full use of the vibrational energy of a longitudinal transducer, a rectangle-type linear ultrasonic motor with four driving feet is proposed in this paper. This new motor consists of four longitudinal vibration transducers which are arranged in a rectangle and form an enclosed construction. Lead zirconate titanate ceramics are embedded into the(More)
A U-shaped linear ultrasonic motor using longitudinal vibration transducers with double feet was proposed in this paper. The proposed motor contains a horizontal transducer and two vertical transducers. The horizontal transducer includes two exponential shape horns located at the leading ends, and each vertical transducer contains one exponential shape(More)
BACKGROUND Ultrasonic motors (USM) are based on the concept of driving the rotor by a mechanical vibration excited on the stator via piezoelectric effect. USM exhibit merits such as simple structure, quick response, quiet operation, self-locking when power off, nonelectromagnetic radiation and higher position accuracy. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS A cylindrical(More)
A modified large thrust ultrasonic linear motor using a T-shape configuration composed of two orthogonal sandwich-type transducers has been proposed in this paper. It is an improved version of a previous T-shape motor. The vertical transducer is used to generate the normal force between the driving foot and slider, while the other push-pull–type horizontal(More)