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Specific enzymes are involved in altered glycosylation of cancer. Fucosyltransferase IV (FUT4) is associated with the proliferation and metastasis of breast cancer. The application of FUT4 assay in the serum has not been reported yet. Here, the expression level of FUT4 in the breast cancer patient's tissues (n=60) was analyzed by immunohistochemistry (IHC)(More)
The authors report on a successful deployment of an inexpensive mobile wireless sensor network in a commercial warehouse served by a fleet of forklifts. The aim is to improve forklift dispatching and reduce the costs associated with the delays of loading/unloading delivery trucks. To that end, an integrated system including both hardware and software is(More)
We present a novel probabilistic framework for reliable indoor positioning of mobile sensor network devices. Compared to existing approaches, ours adopts complex computations in exchange for high localization accuracy while needing low hardware investment and moderate set-up cost. To that end, we use full distributional information on signal measurements at(More)
We consider a group of mobile agents operating in a given mission space with obstacles. We formulate a mission as a general reward collection problem where agents collaborate to maximize the total reward collected. The agents decide how they move but face constraints due to the geometry of the mission space, the presence of obstacles, and the need to avoid(More)
This paper reports on our work of integrating low-cost sensors, probabilistic localization, and stochastic learning in a wireless sensor network-based system applied to warehouse management. This work is on-going, and our next step will be running the actor-critic policy optimization on a realistic scale in the real warehouse environment.
The profile-based approach is known to be advantageous when it comes to inferring positions of mobile wireless devices in complex indoor environments. The past decade has seen a significant body of work that explores different implementations of this approach, with varying degrees of success. Here, we cast the profile-based approach in a probabilistic(More)
We consider a group of mobile agents operating in a mission space that collaborate to solve a general dynamic optimization problem. The agents seek to maximize the total reward collected and minimize their energy cost. We construct a control policy specifying how the agents move subject to constraints due to the geometry of the mission space, the presence(More)
Glycosylation of proteins and lipids on cell surface have been shown to be important in maintaining pluripotency and stem cell fate in embryonic stem cells. Lectins have been widely used to characterize carbohydrate modifications on cell surface of embryonic stem cells to determine pluripotency and stem cell fate. In the present study, a panel of 14 lectins(More)
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