Yingtao Zhang

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Hough transform (HT) is a well established method for curve detection and recognition due to its robustness and in-sensitiveness to noise, and its parallel processing capability. However, HT is quite time-consuming. In this paper, an eliminating particle swarm optimization (EPSO) algorithm is studied to improve the speed of a Hough transform. The solutions(More)
In this paper, a novel lesion segmentation within breast ultrasound (BUS) image based on the cellular automata principle is proposed. Its energy transition function is formulated based on global image information difference and local image information difference using different energy transfer strategies. First, an energy decrease strategy is used for(More)
— Interactive image segmentation is a challenging task and received increasing attention recently; however, two major drawbacks exist in interactive segmentation approaches. First, the segmentation performance of ROI-based methods is sensitive to the initial ROI: different ROIs may produce results with great difference. Second, most seed-based methods need(More)
Breast ultrasound (BUS) image segmentation is a very difficult task due to poor image quality and speckle noise. In this paper, local features extracted from roughly segmented regions of interest (ROIs) are used to describe breast tumors. The roughly segmented ROI is viewed as a bag. And subregions of the ROI are considered as the instances of the bag.(More)