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Method of ballistic control and projectile rotation in a novel railgun
Abstract In order to realize the ballistic control of the railgun and the flight stability of the projectile, a new type of railgun is designed, which can control the muzzle velocity and rotationExpand
Synergy of Melt-Wave and Electromagnetic Force on the Transition Mechanism in Electromagnetic Launch
Synergy of melting wave and electromagnetic force on the transition mechanism is studied in this paper. The 3-D electromagnetic field, temperature field, and structure field coupling model areExpand
Simulation and Analysis of the Railgun Muzzle Flow Field Considering the Arc Plasma
The electromagnetic railgun is a new concept weapon with the hypersonic launch capability. During the railgun launch process, the armature is accelerated along the rails. A complex and high-speedExpand
Study on the Preload of Coaxial Power Connector in ETC Launch
Preload force is an essential factor to maintain good electrical contact between the power connector and plasma injector in electric thermal chemical (ETC) launch. In order to obtain the minimumExpand
Research on the Influence of Augmented Rail Length and Charging Voltage to System Launch Efficiency
For an electromagnetic launcher (EML), a time-varying current will generate the electric induction force. Moreover, magnitude of the electromotive force depends on the location, speed, andExpand
Modeling and simulation of muzzle flow field of railgun with metal vapor and arc
Abstract During the electromagnetic railgun launching process, there will be a complex flow field with high temperature in the muzzle area because of the high-speed friction, transition and secondaryExpand
Research on the Criterion of Transition for Electromagnetic Launching
In this paper, the multiple factors in the transition process is comprehensively analyzed. When the armature is sliding at a very high speed, the velocity skin effect will generate the melt-wave.Expand
Research on momentum transfer in simple railgun
Abstract In this paper, the momentum conservation equation in the longitudinal direction for simple railgun was deduced. Then, a three-dimensional model was established and the finite element methodExpand