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This paper advances the multi-scale and multi-mechanism framework of regional inequality in China by using the most recent statistical data. We analyze the multi-scalar patterns of China's regional inequality with GIS and statistical techniques, and demonstrate the significance of the municipality effect. The authors also apply multilevel modeling to(More)
Two geographers specializing in China analyze that country's health care inequality from 1990 to 2008, for the purpose of: (1) examining spatial-temporal variations of health care inequality at multiple scales (the regional, provincial, and county levels); (2) exploring whether economic growth and transition to a market economy have exacerbated the(More)
China's socioeconomic transitions have dramatically accelerated its economic growth in last three decades, but also companioned with continuous environmental degradation. This study will advance the knowledge of heavy metal water pollution in China from a spatial–temporal perspective. Specifically, this study addressed the following: (1) spatial patterns of(More)
This study investigates the transition of Sunan, located in China's southern Jiangsu Province, China using the orthodox Sunan model of development through a case study of Changzhou City. We found that post-Sunan development retains some of the characteristics of the orthodox Sunan model, and the current production map of Sunan is a combination of new(More)
The objectives of this study were to determine the spatial structure of soil respiration (Rs) in a naturally-regenerated longleaf pine forest and to assess the ecological factors affecting the spatial variability in Rs. Soil respiration, soil temperature (Ts), and soil moisture were repeatedly measured over 6 days in summer 2012 in 3 semi-independent plots.(More)
China's rapid economic growth and social transitions have deteriorated environmental conditions and caused further public health issues in last three decades. This study examines the complex mechanisms of how socioeconomic transitions and physical environmental conditions impact public health, especially with respect to increasing cancer incidences in(More)
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