Yingping Zheng

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An epicanthal fold is common in the eyelids of Orientals, weakening the aesthetic appearance of blepharoplasty. Many techniques have been designed to eliminate the epicanthal fold and create a beautiful palpebral fissure with less scarring produced in the medial canthus. However, many of these procedures were designed to correct the epicanthus completely(More)
The control of car following is helpful to its safety and its operational efficiency. For this purpose, this paper builds a linear, continuous and time-delay model of car following, which is successively turned into the discrete model to satisfy computer data processing. And then, its controllability and its observability are analyzed. The approach of the(More)
We report the synthesis of a novel compound, 9,9-bis(3'-aminopropyl)-2,7-diphenylfluorene (BAPDPF), and a new approach to graft the BAPDPF onto a CdS quantum dot (QD) surface via an acylation reaction. FT-IR and TGA characterizations indicate the formation of robust bonding between BAPDPF and QDs; the structures of the bare QDs and BAPDPF-CdS QD hybrid(More)
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