Yingping Huang

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Obstacle detection and classification in a complex urban area are highly demanding, but desirable for pedestrian protection, stop & go, and enhanced parking aids. The most difficult task for the system is to segment objects from varied and complicated background. In this paper, a novel position-based object segmentationmethod has been proposed to solve this(More)
Design and implementation of a research support system for web data mining has become a challenge for researchers wishing to utilize useful information on the web. This paper proposes a framework for web data mining support systems. These systems are designed for identifying, extracting, filtering and analyzing data from web resources. They combines web(More)
The problem of packing congruent spheres (i.e., copies of the same sph ere) in a bounded domain arises in many applications. In this paper, we present a new pack-and-shake scheme for packing congruent spheres in various bounded 2-D domains. Our packing scheme is based on a number of interesting ideas, such as a trimming and packing approach, optimal(More)
Many scientific simulations are large programs which despite careful debugging and testing will probably contain errors when deployed to the Web for use. Based on the assumption that such scientific simulations do contain errors and the underlying computing systems do fail due to hardware or software errors, the authors investigate and explore robust(More)
Natural organic matter (NOM) is a heterogeneous mixture of compounds affecting ecosystem function and drinking water treatment. An agent-based stochastic model simulates NOM transformations, allowing forward modeling of NOM's synthesis and degradation. Its use of Java and Web technologies makes the simulation model accessible to scientists worldwide.
In this paper, we describe the design and implementationof a self-manageable multi-tiered infrastructure tosupport web-based scientific simulations. This infrastructuredemonstrates not only the successful integration ofWeb servers, simulation servers, database servers, reportsservers, data warehousing and mining, but also the abilityto achieve self(More)
  • Yingping Huang
  • Proceedings. 2005 IEEE Intelligent Transportation…
  • 2005
Obstacle detection and classification in complex urban area are highly demanding, but desirable for protection of vulnerable road users. This paper presents an in-vehicle stereovision-based system for short-range object detection. The basic principles have been given for designing the optical parameters of the system such as baseline, angular coverage,(More)
A scientific collaboratory for supporting research in the field of environmental science is presented in this paper. The purpose for building this Web-based research support system is to promote collaboration among a geographically separated group of NSF sponsored scientists from different research areas and allow them to share their data and information(More)