Yingmin Han

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Acute lung injury (ALI) is a severe clinical condition with high morbidity and mortality. Apoptosis is a key pathologic feature of ALI, and Bcl-2 plays an important role during the pathogenesis of ALI via the regulation of apoptosis. However, the regulation of Bcl-2 during ALI, particularly through microRNAs, remains unclear. We hypothesize that certain(More)
BACKGROUND Bergenia purpurascens has tonic, haemostatic and anti-tussive actions. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activities of Bergenia purpurascens have not been reported so far. The objective of this paper is to provide experimental basis for the clinical application of Bergenia purpurascens through the pharmacodynamic study on its anti-inflammatory(More)
In this research, we used RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) to analyze 23 single cell samples and 2 bulk cells sample from human adult bone mesenchyme stem cell line and human fetal bone mesenchyme stem cell line. The results from the research demonstrated that there were big differences between two cell lines. Adult bone mesenchyme stem cell lines showed a strong(More)
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