Yingluo Wang

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Being high restricted by the conditions of roads, places and facilities under emergency situations, the location problems of emergency supplies distribution centers are suitable to adopt scattered optimization location modeling. The paper firstly set up the objective function of the location problem of emergency supplies distribution centers based P-centre(More)
The development of business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in Xi'an, China, is receiving considerable interest from North American and European companies currently under pressure to meet their growing manpower resource shortages and find new ways to cut costs. However, BPO is a nascent industry in Xi'an, and present a variety of challenges to manage(More)
The ability of a CFD engineer to study, capture, and visualise 3D flow simulation data is a challenge. Stream surfaces are a useful tool for visualising 3D flow because of their ability to convey many field attributes from their structure. It is important that the CFD engineer can interact with, and examine specific characteristics of the CFD data. We(More)
Building trust is very important because fraud has been on rise in online electronic markets. Trust allows participant in online electronic markets to overcome perceptions of risk and uncertainty and make a deal. This paper proposes a design of a mechanism of building trust in online electronic markets. The interesting aspects of this mechanism is that it(More)