Yinglei Cheng

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A novel video moving object segmentation algorithm based on spatio-temporal information is proposed in this paper. In temporal information extracting, the value of background noise variance is estimated by histogram fitting to overcome the shortcoming of setting the value by experience, then the significance test is applied to threshold the difference image(More)
The wavelet packet provides an accurate method for image fusion. However, the computation and time cost will increase with the size of image. Therefore it is difficult to achieve real-time fusion. After having analyzed the wavelet packet based image fusion algorithm on the single computer, according to the time complexity and the parallel character of the(More)
Aiming at the problem of complex roof reconstruction in airborne LiDAR data processing, an algorithm of reconstructing building models based on isoheight is proposed in this paper. Extracting points in the elevation scopes and fitting contours in different elevation, the key points of the roof models can be got. By the key points, we can get roof planes(More)
A wavelet-based optimal algorithm for image transform is widely used for image fusion. Although the fusion is proposed to solve the problem of keeping spatial and spectrum information at the same time. Multispectral image of low frequency and high resolution image of high frequency are enhanced through wavelet transform respectively beforehand. Then, they(More)
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