Yingkan Lin

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We present an architecture of a microsystem designed for the task of blind source separation of acoustic sources that impinge on the miniature microphone array. The proposed architecture implements the source separation algorithm in a unique framework that combines wavefront sensing, subband signal processing and independent component analysis. The spatial(More)
We present an implementation of an auditory filter bank that decomposes the input signal into 16 parallel bands with central band frequencies ranging from 150 Hz to 10 kHz according to the mel-scale. The proposed integration of the designed filter bank in a microsystem for acoustic source separation poses a stringent constraints on the linearity and dynamic(More)
A low-noise readout integrated circuit, comprising a charge sensitive amplifier, a pulse shaper with baseline holder, a peak detector and an A/D converter, is presented. The designed IC quantifies optical response of a large-area epitaxial photodiode integrated on a body of a semiconductor scintillator.The input transistor size and the time constant of the(More)
We present a low-power wide-dynamic-range readout circuit that directly interfaces a selective metal-oxide gas sensor. The proposed novel readout architecture implements an adaptive baseline compensation and limits the sensor current. The readout IC can interface the sensors with the baseline resistance from 1 kΩ to 100 MΩ and measures the gas induced(More)
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