Yingkai Zhao

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Path planning of autonomous mobile robot is pivotal technique for machine intelligence, which aims to find a non-collision path from initial position to objective position according to evaluation functions in an obstacle space[1]. It can be described as traveler salesman problem (TSP), a typical combination optimization problem, which belongs to the(More)
Expert system is widely used in fault diagnosis, but how to obtain knowledge is a bottleneck restricting its development. Data contains rich information about the machine, and acquiring knowledge from it or data mining in other words is considered as an effective way solving this problem. An algorithm based on rough set and genetic algorithm for feature(More)
To improve accuracy and speed of target recognition of mobile robot, an recognition method of Gabor filter based on gray image was given. The method processed image through gabor filter units, and extracted feature by principle component analysis (PCA). The extracted features then were classified by support vector machine(SVM). Experiment results indicate(More)
Information of faults in power plant is too much and very complex, mostly, it is difficult to deal with effectively when a breakdown takes place. In response to this situation, a method of designing a real-time fault diagnosis system based on CLIPS is presented in this paper. It takes full advantage of CLIPS, VC++ and SQL SERVER database to construct an(More)
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