Yingjie Zhang

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BACKGROUND "Loss of function" alterations in CCAAT/Enhancer Binding Proteindelta (C/EBPdelta) have been reported in a number of human cancers including breast, prostate and cervical cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma and acute myeloid leukemia. C/EBPdelta gene transcription is induced during cellular quiescence and repressed during active cell cycle(More)
The RNaseIII enzyme Drosha plays a pivotal role in microRNA (miRNA) biogenesis by cleaving primary miRNA transcripts to generate precursor miRNA in the nucleus. The RNA binding and enzymatic domains of Drosha have been characterized and are on its C-terminus. Its N-terminus harbors a nuclear localization signal. Using a series of truncated Drosha(More)
Runt-related transcription factor 3 (RUNX3) is a putative tumour suppressor via regulating the expression of a series of target genes. Clinical studies demonstrated that loss of RUNX3 expression is associated with gastric cancer progression and poor prognosis, but the underlying mechanism is not entirely clear. Accumulating evidence shows that the(More)
Cell apoptosis induced by UV irradiation is a highly complex process in which different molecular signaling pathways are involved. p53 up-regulated modulator of apoptosis (PUMA) has been proposed as an important regulator in UV irradiation-induced apoptosis. However, the molecular mechanism through which PUMA regulates apoptosis, especially how PUMA(More)
BACKGROUND CCAAT/Enhancer Binding Proteindelta (C/EBPdelta) is a member of the highly conserved C/EBP family of leucine zipper (bZIP) proteins. C/EBPdelta is highly expressed in G0 growth arrested mammary epithelial cells (MECs) and "loss of function" alterations in C/EBPdelta have been associated with impaired contact inhibition, increased genomic(More)
The mammalian tumor suppressor, phosphatase and tensin homologue deleted on chromosome 10 (PTEN), inhibits cell growth and survival by dephosphorylating phosphatidylinositol-(3,4,5)-trisphosphate (PI[3,4,5]P3). We have found a homologue of PTEN in the fission yeast, Schizosaccharomyces pombe (ptn1). This was an unexpected finding because yeast (S. pombe and(More)
People often use similes of pattern " as adjective as noun " to express their feelings on web medias. The adjective in the pattern is generally the salient property and strong impression of the noun entity in the speaker's mind. By querying the simile templates from search engines, we construct a large database of " noun-adjective " items in English and(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short ( approximately 22 nt) RNAs that impact gene expression by sequence-specific interactions with messenger RNA or promoter sequences of genomic DNA. Ectopic expression of miRNAs can be accomplished by placing fragments of the corresponding miRNA precursor under the control of RNA polymerase II or III (RNAP II/III). Here, we report(More)