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The present study examines the effect of delipation on developmental competence and the distribution pattern of lipid droplets (LDs) and mitochondria in parthenogenetically activated (PA) pig embryos. Mature oocytes were delipated by centrifugation after partial digestion of the zonae pellucidae, subjected to parthenogenetic activation after total removal(More)
Fe(3)O(4) is a promising material for arsenic sequestration due to its specific affinity toward arsenic and feasible magnetic separation. How to further increase its adsorption capacity while maintain its low-field separation is an interesting but challenging task. In this study nano-Fe(3)O(4) was successfully coated onto the outer surface of polystyrene(More)
Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is associated with hyperhomocysteinemia and polycystic ovaries (PCO) usually produce oocytes of poor quality. However, the intracellular mechanism linking hyperhomocysteinemia and oocyte quality remains elusive. In this study, the quality of the oocytes isolated from healthy and polycystic gilt ovaries was evaluated in(More)
We fabricated and characterized two hybrid adsorbents originated from hydrated ferric oxides (HFOs) using a polymeric anion exchanger D201 and calcite as host. The resultant adsorbents (denoted as HFO-201 and IOCCS) were employed for Sb(V) removal from water. Increasing solution pH from 3 to 9 apparently weakened Sb(V) removal by both composites, while(More)
It is generally recognized that the phase transition of a perovskite may be detrimental to the connection between cathode and electrolyte. Moreover, certain phase transitions may induce the formation of poor electronic and ionic conducting phase(s), thereby lowering the electrochemical performance of the cathode. Here, we present a study on the phase(More)
The constant rise in worldwide energy demand together with the current global trend towards environmental compliance warrant a broad implementation of cleaner and more-efficient alternative (chemical-to-electrical) energy conversion pathways, outside the existing model of fossil-fuel combustion. To this end, solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) have emerged as(More)
The synthesis of four low symmetry A2B type Cu(iii)triarylcorroles with meso-aryl substituents that provide electron donating (push) and withdrawing (pull) properties is reported, along with their structural characterization by NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography. An analysis of the structure-property relationships in the optical and redox properties(More)
The nucleosome, the fundamental structural unit of chromatin, is a critical regulator of gene expression. The mechanisms governing changes to nucleosome occupancy and positioning during somatic cell reprogramming remain poorly understood. We established a method for generating genome-wide nucleosome maps of porcine embryonic fibroblasts (PEF), reconstructed(More)
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