Yingjian Zhi

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For comprehensive evaluating network running status the network running quality metrics were designed to reflect the network quality. The grade of membership vectors were used to compute metrics' statistic value which can definitely reflect the metrics' ranks in the period of statistics. The fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method based on the Weighted(More)
The paper proposes an ID-based Aggregate Path Verification protocol (IDAPV) to provide authenticity for route announcements in the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) with a more efficient and easily deployed ID-based aggregate signature scheme instead of certificate-based scheme, which leads to performance and deployment matters of current proposals, and a(More)
Batching has been shown to be very effective in reducing the demand on server and network bandwidth in streaming media applications. A new batching policy, called the Maximum Urgency First (MUF), is proposed. MUF schedules the video queue with the maximum urgency whenever a server channel becomes available. The definition of urgency considers multiple(More)
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