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BACKGROUND & AIMS Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is widely used as a surveillance test for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) among patients with cirrhosis. Des-gamma carboxy-prothrombin (DCP) and lectin-bound AFP (AFP-L3%) are potential surveillance tests for HCC. The aims of this study were to determine performance of DCP and AFP-L3% for the diagnosis of early HCC;(More)
OBJECTIVE Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a scientific discipline, which develops the related theories from the long-term clinical practices. The large-scale clinical data are the core empirical knowledge source for TCM research. This paper introduces a clinical data warehouse (CDW) system, which incorporates the structured electronic medical record(More)
Human and animal studies suggest that acupuncture produces many beneficial effects through the central nervous system. However, the neural substrates of acupuncture actions are not completely clear to date. fMRI studies at Hegu (LI4) and Zusanli (ST36) indicated that the limbic system may play an important role for acupuncture effects. To test if this(More)
BACKGROUND Reports from several studies have suggested that carotenoids, and in particular lycopene, could be prostate cancer-preventive agents. This has stimulated extensive laboratory and clinical research, as well as much commercial and public enthusiasm. However, the epidemiologic evidence remains inconclusive. MATERIALS AND METHODS We investigated(More)
PURPOSE This study evaluated the [-2]proenzyme prostate specific antigen serum marker using a blinded reference specimen set from 3 National Cancer Institute Early Detection Research Network centers from men with an indication for prostate biopsy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Serum was collected before biopsy from 123 men with no prior biopsy or prostate cancer(More)
The problem of data integration throughout the lifecycle of a construction project among multiple collaborative enterprises remains unsolved due to the dynamics and fragmented nature of the construction industry. This study presents a novel cloud approach that, focusing on China’s special construction requirements, proposes a series of as-built BIM(More)
It is well documented that the psychiatric disorders are common in Asthma patients in China while the studies on the relationship between asthma control and psychological disorder are comparatively rare. We therefore performed a cross-sectional study on asthmatic outpatients in one Chinese tertiary center to investigate the correlation among asthma, anxiety(More)
Limited therapeutic efficiency and severe side effects in patients are two major issues existing in current chemotherapy of cancers in clinic. To design a proper theranostic platform seems thus quite needed to target cancer cells accurately by bioimaging and simultaneously release drugs on demand without premature leakage. A novel ZnO-functionalized(More)
Fifteen polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in 41 surface sediment samples and a sediment core (50 cm) from the Beibu Gulf, a significant low-latitude developing gulf, were analyzed. PAHs concentrations were 3.01-388 ng g(-)(1) (mean 95.5 ng g(-)(1)) in the surface sediments and 10.5-87.1 ng g(-)(1) (average 41.1 ng g(-)(1)) in the sediment core. Source(More)
Aberrant expression of microRNAs plays vital roles in tumor development and progression. As transcription factors (TFs) are the critical components of signaling cascades, specific targeting effects of microRNAs to specific TFs may determine the role of microRNAs in different cancers. In this study, we identified Nuclear Factor I/B (NFIB) as one of the(More)