Yinghui Song

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Virtual enterprise is a temporary organization consists of some independent enterprises, aiming to share technology, cost and other resource. It is predicted to be the most important business organizational patterns in the 21st century. To up speed the development of virtual enterprise, this paper presented a policy-based multi-agent management system to(More)
The video compression system is a key component of video data transfer system in the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). To satisfy the requirement of the wireless video transfer this paper puts forward a cost effective, power efficient and low profile video compression schemes based on the H.264 technology. The video compression system consisted of a video(More)
When we use the multiple beam antenna to estimate the Direction of Arrival (DOA) by using the multiple signal classification (MUSIC) algorithm, the uncertainty element’s amplitude and phase will effect the DOA estimation performance of the beam antenna. So a universal technique for self-calibration based on the minimize cost function is introduced. By(More)
The thermal issue causing by Integrated Power System (IPS) can't be neglected. This paper focuses on the electrical-thermal co-simulation of Integrated Engineering System (IES). IES has two high coupled subsystems, it is difficult to modeling such a complex system. Besides, the large difference between electrical and thermal dynamics results in number stiff(More)
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