Yinghui Lu

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Matching pursuit has typically been applied to ultrasonic signal analysis for the purpose of identifying or estimating discrete echoes. In this paper, a specific numerical implementation of matching pursuit designed for ultrasonic signal decomposition is proposed, consisting of the selection of a coarse set of basis functions, the search method for finding(More)
This paper tests the hypothesis that a "universal," data-driven model can be developed based on glucose data from one diabetic subject, and subsequently applied to predict subcutaneous glucose concentrations of other subjects, even of those with different types of diabetes. We employed three separate studies, each utilizing a different continuous glucose(More)
We investigated the relative importance and predictive power of different frequency bands of subcutaneous glucose signals for the short-term (0-50 min) forecasting of glucose concentrations in type 1 diabetic patients with data-driven autoregressive (AR) models. The study data consisted of minute-by-minute glucose signals collected from nine deidentified(More)
Detection of clouds in satellite-generated radiance images, including those from MODIS, is an important first step in many applications of these data. In this paper we apply spectral unmixing to this problem with the aim of estimating subpixel cloud fractions, as opposed to identification only of whether or not a pixel radiance contains cloud contributions.(More)
  • Anthony J Croxford, Paul D Wilcox, Yinghui Lu, Jennifer Michaels, Bruce W Drinkwater
  • 2008
The level of post-subtraction noise due to benign structural features limits the sensitivity that guided wave structural health monitoring systems can achieve. Subtraction of reference signals without compensation leads to unacceptably high post-subtraction noise in the presence of modest environmental changes, and in particular temperature. Hence some form(More)
Matching pursuit is an iterative method whereby a signal is decomposed into a linear combination of functions that are selected from a redundant dictionary. In the original paper by Mallat and Zhang [1], a dictionary of Gabor functions is proposed. Each Gabor function is the product of a Gaussian function with a complex sinusoid, and is specified by time,(More)
—Strongly reverberating diffuse-like ultrasonic waves can interrogate large areas of complex structures that do not support more easily interpreted guided waves. However, sensitivity to environmental changes such as temperature and surface wetting can degrade the performance of a structural health monitoring system using these types of waves. Surface(More)
Changes in diffuse ultrasonic signals recorded from permanently mounted sensors can be correlated to initiation and growth of structural damage, offering hope that sparse sensor arrays can be utilized for monitoring large areas. It is well-known that benign environmental changes also have significant effects on diffuse ultrasonic signals that are of(More)
AZGP1 is a multifaceted protein associated with lipid mobilization, a process that is regulated by FASN and other metabolic pathways such as mTOR signaling. The active mTOR signaling pathway has been found to be involved in a variety of tumors. However, it remains unclear whether it is involved in the regulation of AZGP1 and FASN. An AZGP1-expressing(More)
Benign environmental effects, including temperature and surface condition changes, can adversely affect the performance of an ultrasonic structural health monitoring system because ultrasonic waves are sensitive to such changes as well as to damage. Compared to temperature, the problem of surface condition changes is more difficult to formalize because of(More)