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The Chinese genebank contains 23,587 soybean landraces collected from 29 provinces. In this study, a representative collection of 1,863 landraces were assessed for genetic diversity and genetic differentiation in order to provide useful information for effective management and utilization. A total of 1,160 SSR alleles at 59 SSR loci were detected including(More)
— This paper addresses carrier frequency offset (CFO) estimation and training sequence design for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems over frequency selective fading channels. By exploiting the orthogonality of the training sequences in the frequency domain, integer CFO (ICFO) is estimated. With(More)
—This paper presents pilot designs for consistent frequency-offset estimation of orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing systems in frequency-selective fading channels. We describe two design approaches, namely, consistency in the prob-abilistic sense and absolute consistency. Existing preambles and pilot designs in the literature do not guarantee the(More)
— We address low-complexity, highly-accurate frequency offset estimation for MB-OFDM-based UWB systems. We discuss unique characteristics of the MB-OFDM systems, namely, different carrier frequency offsets, different channel responses, different channel energies, and different preamble structures in different frequency bands. Utilizing them, we develop(More)
—Several variations of Cramer-Rao bounds for carrier frequency offset (CFO) estimation in frequency-selective fading channels have been used to benchmark practical es-timators' performance or to design training signals for CFO estimation. Among them, the extended Miller-Chang bound (EMCB) provides a tighter bound than the CRB for locally unbiased(More)
BACKGROUND The automation of many common molecular biology techniques has resulted in the accumulation of vast quantities of experimental data. One of the major challenges now facing researchers is how to process this data to yield useful information about a biological system (e.g. knowledge of genes and their products, and the biological roles of proteins,(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate whether supplemental dietary arginine increases reproductive performance in mice infected with porcine circovirus type2 (PCV2). A total of 50KM female mice were allotted randomly to the arginine group (0.6% arginine + gestation diet) and control group (1.22% alanine + gestation diet). All the mice began to mate(More)
—This paper presents a preamble-based low complexity synchronization method for MB-OFDM based UWB systems. The proposed synchronization method consists of sync detection, coarse timing estimation, fine timing estimation, and oscillator frequency offset estimation. The distinctive features of MB-OFDM systems and the interplay between the timing and carrier(More)
We analyzed the prevalence and characteristics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus among patients with acute infectious diarrhea in the southern coastal region of China. V. parahaemolyticus was the leading cause of bacterial infectious diarrhea in this region during 2007-2012. Serotype O3:K6 strains were most common, followed by serotypes O4:K8 and O3:K29.
In brain, excess zinc alters the metabolism of amyloid precursor protein, leading to β-amyloid protein deposition, one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) pathology. Recently, it has been reported that zinc accelerates in vitro tau fibrillization, another hallmark of AD. In the current study, we examined the effect of high-concentration zinc on tau(More)