Yinghua Zhang

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— This paper presents a novel approach to increase the amount of visual stimuli in sensor measurements using saliency maps. A saliency map is a combination of normalized feature maps in different channels (i.e. color, intensity) to represent the relative strength of visual stimuli in an image. The total saliency is higher when the camera is looking at a(More)
— This paper presents a novel approach to increasing the information content in sensor measurements, with special applications in images or video. The entropy of a signal gives a measurement of the information content. In the case of images, entropy is low when large parts of an image are uniformly colored or shaded. This can occur due to poor camera(More)
We propose a robust tracking algorithm based on local sparse coding with discriminative dictionary learning and new keypoint matching schema. This algorithm consists of two parts: the local sparse coding with online updated discriminative dictionary for tracking (SOD part), and the keypoint matching refinement for enhancing the tracking performance (KP(More)
— In this work, we investigate aspects of building design that can be optimized. Architectural features that we explore include pillar placement in simple corridors, doorway placement in buildings, and agent placement for information dispersement in an evacuation. The metrics utilized are tuned to the specific scenarios we study, which include continuous(More)
Icotinib is an epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor, which has been revealed to inhibit proliferation in tumor cells. However, the effect of icotinib on cancer cell metastasis remains to be explained. This study examines the effect of icotinib on the migration and invasion of squamous cells of tongue carcinoma (Tca8113 cells) in vitro.(More)
— This paper presents a novel approach to improve the global performance of extremum seeking control to optimize static target functions. This algorithm adopts the traditional extremum seeking control to find local extrema, and a direct search algorithm to search for the global extremum. The two methods are employed in an iterative switching manner.(More)