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Chlorophyll is an important photosynthetic pigment in the process of photosynthesis in plants and photosynthetic bacteria. Genes involved in chlorophyll biosynthesis in Arabidopsis and photosynthetic bacteria have been well documented. In rice, however, these genes have not been fully annotated. In this paper, a yellow-green leaf gene, yellow green leaf3(More)
As the indispensable part of plant, leaf blade mainly functions as the production workshops where organic substance is produced by photosynthesis. Leaf colour mutation is a genetic phenomenon that has a high frequency and is easily identified. The mutations always exhibit negative impact on the development of plants in any of the different stages of growth.(More)
The spikelet is a unique structure of grass plants, and its development involved with complicated molecular regulation network. nsg (nonstop glumes) mutant affecting spikelet development was identified from EMS-treated Jinhui10 (Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica.). Mutant plants had normal glumes (inner rudimentary glume, empty glumes and lemma/palea) and pedicel(More)
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