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With the development of space science, it is important to analyze the relationship between the space environment and genome variations that might cause phenotypic changes in microbes. Klebsiella pneumoniae is commonly found on the human body and is resistant to multiple drugs. To study space-environment-induced genome variations and drug resistance changes,(More)
Validation Verification Searching a b s t r a c t The process of using automated software has served law enforcement and the courts very well, and experienced detectives and investigators have been able to use their well-developed policing skills, in conjunction with the automated software, so as to provide sound evidence. However, the growth in the(More)
In recent years, Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) has been successfully applied in searching for differential characteristics and linear approximations in block ciphers and has produced the significant results for some ciphers such as SIMON (a family of lightweight and hardware-optimized block ciphers designed by NSA) etc. However, in the literature,(More)
The Hippo pathway plays a major role in development and organ size control, and its dysregulation contributes to tumorigenesis. WWTR1 is a transcription coactivator acting downstream of the Hippo pathway. Recently, WWTR1 has been reported to be overexpressed in several human cancers including lung cancer. However, the molecular mechanism of WWTR1 regulating(More)