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Polyethylenimine (PEI) is considered to be a promising non-viral gene delivery vector. To solve the toxicity versus efficacy and tumor-targeting challenges of PEI used as gene delivery vector, we constructed a novel non-viral vector DR5-TAT-modified Pluronic-PEI (Pluronic-PEI-DR5-TAT), which was based on the attachment of low-molecular-weight(More)
Methods based on feature descriptors around local interest points are now widely used in action recognition. Feature points are detected using a number of measures, namely saliency, periodicity, motion activity etc. Each of these measures is usually intensity-based and provides a trade-off between density and informativeness. In this paper, we address the(More)
In July 2009, an incident involving a stuck Co-60 source led hundreds of thousands of people to escape Qi County, Henan Province, China, although no medical or environmental consequences were related to the incident. To investigate knowledge about radiation, public risk-perception of radiation, and evaluation of the official response, a survey was conducted(More)
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