Yinghong Zhu

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Since the FAST (Features from Accelerated Segment Test) detector is much faster than any of the commonly used detection algorithms, and the repeatability and efficiency of FAST-9 are best in the FAST family, we proposed a novel LBP descriptor based on FAST-9 algorithm. Firstly, feature points are detected by FAST-9 and then, the texture information of the(More)
Research in virtualization technology has gained significant momentum in recent years, which brings not only opportunities to the forensic community, but challenges as well. In this paper, we discuss the potential roles of virtualization in the area of digital forensics and conduct an investigation on the recent progresses which utilize the virtualization(More)
Nowadays, more and more large IT projects need to unit several entities to accomplish together, which forms project-oriented and geographically distributed virtual organizations and leads to new distributed risks. This article first gives a definition of the distributed IT project (DITPs), then based on the literature, studies the risk characteristics, risk(More)
DBU-promoted cyclization of ortho-(3-hydroxy-1-alkynyl)benzamide is presented, providing an efficient method for the synthesis of trans-3,4-dihydroisoquinolin-1(2H)-ones and (E)-4-(1-alkenyl)isoquinolin-1(2H)-ones under mild conditions.
Unmodified β-cyclodextrin has been directly used to initiate ring-opening polymerization of ϵ-caprolactone in the presence of yttrium trisphenolate. Well-defined cyclodextrin (CD)-centered star-shaped poly(ϵ-caprolactone)s have been successfully synthesized containing definite average numbers of arms (N(arm) = 4-6) and narrow polydispersity indexes (below(More)
Mean shift algorithm has grained great success in object tracking domain due to its ease of implementation, real time response and robust tracking performance, however, the fixed kernel bandwidth may cause tracking failure for size changing objects. A novel object tracking algorithm for FLIR imagery is proposed based on mean shift with adaptive bandwidth.(More)
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