Yinghong Tang

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Ephedra alkaloids, including ephedrine (EP), pseudoephedrine (PEP) and methylephedrine (MEP), are sympathomimetic compounds with known toxicities but many Ephedra (Ephedrae herba) preparations, such as Ephedra decoction, have been clinically applied for centuries. In order to explore the possible detoxification mechanism of Ephedra alkaloids, four(More)
Lexical ambiguity has been the focus for the study of context effects in word recognition in the past twenty-five years (Small, Cottrell, and Tanenhaus 1988, Onifer and Swinney 1981, Simpson and Krueger 1991, Swinney 1979, Tabossi 1988). Most of this literature has been concerned with the study of Indo-European languages, in particular, English. However,(More)
Ramie (Boehmeria nivea L. Gaud) is a highly versatile herbaceous plant which is widely cropped in southern China. The success of this herbaceous plant relies on wide use in modern industry. Understanding the profiling of expressed genes in phloem and xylem of ramie is crucial for improving its industrial performance. Herein, we uncover the transcriptome(More)
According to the design requirements of rocker expectation function, optimization design mathematical model of crank-rocker mechanism was firstly established and solved with MATLAB genetic algorithm toolbox. Then, virtual prototype model of four-bar linkage was set up, and rocker angle data of reproduction function was exported by means of ADAMS software.(More)
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