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In an ad-hoc retrieval task, the query is usually short and the user expects to find the relevant documents in the first several result pages. We explored the possibilities of using Wikipedia's articles as an external corpus to expand ad-hoc queries. Results show promising improvements over measures that emphasize on weak queries.
Three parallel units of pilot-scale constructed wetlands (CWs), i.e., vertical subsurface flow (VSF), horizontal subsurface flow (HSF) and free water surface flow (FWS) wetland were experimented to assess their capabilities in purifying eutrophic water of Taihu Lake, China. Lake water was continuously pumped into the CWs at a hydraulic loading rate of 0.64(More)
A lot of research has been done on fault-tolerance for MPI applications, some on checkpoint/restart, and some on network fault-tolerance. Process migration, however, has not gained widespread use due to the additional complexity of the requirement that the knowledge about the new location of a migrated process has to be made known to every other process in(More)
A human telomeric G-quadruplex (G4DNA) metalloenzyme, assembled with G4DNA and Cu(2+) ions, can catalyze the enantioselective Friedel-Crafts (F-C) reaction in water with good enantioselectivity (up to 75% ee). Furthermore, we found that the absolute configuration and the enantioselectivity of the product largely depend on the conformation and the sequence(More)
We report that K(+) and NH4(+) present different allosteric activation for higher-order human telomeric G-quadruplex DNA metalloenzyme. The obtained major endo products of Diels-Alder reaction can be switched from one preferred configuration in K(+) media (up to 92% ee) to its mirror configuration in NH4(+) media (up to -90% ee).
OBJECTIVE To compare the risk factors on the functional dependence between the oldest-old and elderly veterans. METHODS A cross-sectional survey was conducted among veterans ( ≥ 60 years of age) lived in 44 veterans' communities in Beijing. The socio-demographic information and history of non-communicable chronic diseases were collected via face-to-face(More)
Here we found that the enantioselectivity of G-quadruplex DNA-based Diels-Alder reaction can be switched by just changing Na(+) to K(+), which is ascribed to the structural transformation of the G-quadruplex from antiparallel to hybrid-type. By tuning the ratio of Na(+)/K(+), the enantioselectivity of the Diels-Alder reaction could be switchable and shows(More)