Yinghao Huang

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AIM Transferrin receptor (TfR) has been used as a target for the molecular cancer therapy due to its higher expression in a variety of tumors. Anti-TfR antibodies combined with chemotherapeutic drugs has showed great potential as a possible cancer therapeutic strategy. In our study, we investigated the anti-tumor effects of anti-TfR monoclonal antibody(More)
With various novel methods having been proposed, recent years witnessed great progress in abnormal event detection. Broadly speaking, most existing methods can be divided into two categories: global feature representation based ones and local feature representation based ones, though the specific feature model and scale differ a lot. These two types of(More)
Proximal symphalangism (SYM1) is an autosomal dominant disorder, mainly characterized by variable fusion of the proximal interphalangeal joints of the hands and feet. To date, two genes, GDF5 and NOG, have been reported to associate with SYM1. Herein, we clinically characterized a Chinese family with fusions of the bilateral proximal interphalangeal joints(More)
Text description of engineering diagnoses recorded during and after vehicle repair process plays an important role in root cause analyzing and vehicle maintenance. The fact that such text is unstructured, lack of grammar, has a lot of spelling errors and a large amount of self-invented domain specific terminologies introduces challenges and difficulties for(More)
This paper presents our research in text mining for discovering important engineering fault diagnostic knowledge from unstructured and verbatim text descriptions. In particular we focus on developing machine learning algorithms for detecting documents that contain descriptions of systematic failures and root causes to the faults. We developed a machine(More)
Existing markerless motion capture methods often assume known backgrounds, static cameras, and sequence specific motion priors, limiting their application scenarios. Here we present a fully automatic method that, given multi-view videos, estimates 3D human pose and body shape. We take the recently proposed SMPLify method [12] as the base method and extend(More)
Recent years have witnessed great progress in image deblurring. However, as an important application case, the deblurring of face images has not been well studied. Most existing face deblurring methods rely on exemplar set construction and candidate matching, which not only cost much computation time but also are vulnerable to possible complex or(More)