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In order to ensure superiority of fuel and improve start and stop performance of hybrid electric vehicle, battery is used in the system. Limited by vehicle's size, traditional hybrid electric vehicles can only carry a limited number of batteries, resulting in a relatively short running distance in one battery charge cycle. To improve energy using efficiency(More)
Micromouse is an intelligent maze robot. Affected by the ability of MCU, micromouse based on MCS-51 can not guarantee the performance of micromouse in quick dashing. High speed micromouse servo controller based on STM32 was designed; In order to meet the fast dashing of micromouse in a complicated maze environment, different speed-time curves were used. To(More)
This paper first presents an approach that can accurately calculate the spurious spectrum of the DDS in the presence of phase truncation. Based on the analysis of phase truncation error sequences and their spectrum, it is concluded that only L times Fourriere transforms are required for the accurate calculation of the spurious spectrum by using the proposed(More)
Halbach motor is a novel permanent magnet (PM) motor. One-sided and sinusoidal field is produced by the special distribution of permanent magnets. The field can increase air-gap flux and decrease the rotor yoke flux, which can improve power density, efficiency and reduce volume and pulsating torque of motor. It accords with hybrid electric vehicle system's(More)