Yingfeng Wang

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Secoisolariciresinol (SECO) is a natural lignan-type phytoestrogen constituent mainly found in flaxseed. It can be metabolized in vivo to mammalian lignans of enterodiol and enterolactone, which have been proven to be effective in relieving menopausal syndrome. Depression is one of the most common symptoms of menopausal syndrome, and is currently treated(More)
In this paper, the sensitivity of Adalines to weight perturbation is discussed. According to the discrete feature of Adalines' input and output, the sensitivity is defined as the probability of an Adaline's erroneous outputs due to weight perturbation with respect to all possible inputs. By means of hypercube model and analytical geometry method, a(More)
The demand for family financial planning (FFP) services is growing dramatically as the financial market grows more complex and people become more aware of the importance of qualified financial guidance. To provide decision support for FFP-related decisions, we formulate a conceptual model for FFP by following Simon's decision-making process model and map(More)
The sensitivity of a neural network's output to its input and weight perturbations is an important measure for evaluating the network's performance. In this letter, we propose an approach to quantify the sensitivity of Madalines. The sensitivity is defined as the probability of output deviation due to input and weight perturbations with respect to overall(More)
Criminal elements in today's technology-driven society are using every means available at their disposal to launder the proceeds from their illegal activities. While many anti-money laundering solutions have been in place for some time within the financial community, they cannot adapt to the ever-changing risk and methods in relation to money laundering. In(More)
SUMMARY Sipros/ProRata is an open-source software package for end-to-end data analysis in a wide variety of community proteomics measurements. A database-searching program, Sipros 3.0, was developed for accurate general-purpose protein identification and broad-range post-translational modification searches. Hybrid Message Passing Interface/OpenMP(More)
The computational identification of RNAs in genomic sequences requires the identification of signals of RNA sequences. Shannon base pairing entropy is an indicator for RNA secondary structure fold certainty in detection of structural, non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs). Under the Boltzmann ensemble of secondary structures, the probability of a base pair is estimated(More)