Yingdong Luo

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Quantum mechanical studies of the mechanism of gold-catalyzed rearrangements of acetylenic amine-N-oxides to piperidinones or azepanones have revealed a new mechanism involving a concerted heteroretroene reaction, formally a 1,5 hydrogen shift from the N-alkyl groups to the vinyl position of a gold-coordinated methyleneisoxazolidinium or(More)
2,4-Oxazole is an important structural motif in various natural products. An efficient modular synthesis of this structure has been achieved via a [3 + 2] annulation between a terminal alkyne and a carboxamide using a gold-catalyzed oxidation strategy. The postulated reactive intermediate, a terminal α-oxo gold carbene, previously known to be highly(More)
Here we report the use of 10-phenylphenothiazine (PTH) as an inexpensive, highly reducing metal-free photocatalyst for the reduction of carbon-halogen bonds via the trapping of carbon-centered radical intermediates with a mild hydrogen atom donor. Dehalogenations were carried out on various substrates with excellent yields at room temperature in the(More)
Temperature sensitivity of soil respiration (Q10) is an important parameter on evaluations of feedback intensity between soil carbon efflux and global warming. Although experiments of soil respiration indicate its value has high spatial heterogeneity due to influences of many spatially heterogeneous environmental factors, the coupled climate-carbon cycle(More)
A pi-acceptor phosphine-electron-deficient olefin ligand was found effective in promoting Pd-catalyzed C(sp)-C(sp) cross-coupling reactions. The new protocol realized the cross-coupling of a broad scope of terminal alkynes and haloalkynes in good to excellent yields with high selectivities. Electron-rich alkynes, which are normally difficult substrates in(More)
PURPOSE To assess the efficacy and safety of intravitreal conbercept injections in patients with macular edema secondary to retinal vein occlusion (RVO). METHODS A prospective, Phase II clinical trial was performed on 60 patients with macular edema secondary to RVO. Thirty patients had branch RVO (BRVO) and 30 had central RVO (CRVO). Each patient received(More)
The effects of deuterium isotope substitution on conjugated polymer chain stacking of poly(3-hexylthiophene) is studied experimentally by X-ray diffraction (XRD) in combination with gel permeation chromatography and theoretically using density functional theory and quantum molecular dynamics. For four P3HT materials with different levels of deuteration(More)