Yingdong Chen

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this paper research on spatial information service laws of development and application from angle of model and put forward the basic conception of spatial information service model basing on information service model. It presents a complete structure of model, and detailedly explains elements, the main characteristics and principles of interaction. Consider(More)
Current database with numerous users requires access control. It is also needed in spatial database systems that keep both spatial attribute and non-spatial attribute safe. The query rewriting technology in spatial database is discussed in this paper. First the operations for merging authorization policies are discussed. By classifying the subjects and(More)
In order to provide an access method which is independent of the specific data structure and file formation, in this paper, the design and implementation of GDE(Geographic Data Engine) is discussed based on the research of geographic data modeling course. The research of GDE is the GIS applied Platform design based on geographic data modeling and data(More)
This paper presents a new method to describe the relationship between services, which refers to the basic concepts of geometric topology. It uses the relationships between points and lines to describe that from input and output information flow in the service, further to produce a static invoking relationship between services. According to this abstract(More)
In this paper, key methods and prototype that integrate OGC Web Service (OWS) into grid environment is analysed and we describe a resource-oriented architectural approach. The concrete is a progress in which a model extracting stateful resource under WSRF (Web Service Resource Framework) is provided. This paper presents OWS2GRID, a framework that extends(More)
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