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NFD Developer's Guide
NFD’s internals are explained including the overall design, major modules, their implementations, and their interactions to help developers extend and improve NFD.
A Secure Link State Routing Protocol for NDN
The current design and implementation of NLSR is described, with emphasis on those features that differentiate it from an IP-based link state routing protocol: naming: a hierarchical naming scheme for routers, keys, and routing updates; and multipath routing: a simple way to calculate and rank multiple forwarding options.
Named Data Networking of Things (Invited Paper)
This paper explores how Named Data Networking (NDN), a proposed future Internet architecture, addresses the root causes of these challenges and can help achieve the IoT vision in a more secure, straightforward, and innovation-friendly manner.
Authority server selection in DNS caching resolvers
A series of trace-driven measurements are conducted to understand how current caching resolver implementations distribute queries among a set of authority servers, revealing areas for improvement in the ``apparently sound'' server selection schemes used by some popular implementations.
Schematizing Trust in Named Data Networking
The ability of NDN to enable automation through the use of trust schemas is explored, which can provide data consumers an automatic way to discover which keys to use to authenticate individual data packets, and provide data producers an automatic decision process to sign data packets.
NDNS: A DNS-Like Name Service for NDN
The NDNS (NDN DNS) protocol is designed, and several fundamental differences between applications designs for host-centric IP architecture and data-centric NDN architecture are revealed.
nTorrent: Peer-to-Peer File Sharing in Named Data Networking
The design of nTorrent is presented, which provides BitTorrent-like functions natively in Named Data Networking (NDN), and simulations are used to examine how well the NDN's data-centric communication model can natively support such an application.
The Design of RoundSync Protocol
Distributed dataset synchronization (Sync in short) implemented by ChronoSync allows a group of nodes to operate on a shared dataset with eventual consistency. However, when multiple nodes in the
Tutorial: Security and Synchronization in Named Data Networking (NDN)
This full day tutorial on synchronization and security in Named Data Networking (NDN) will share important architectural concepts we are exploring in these areas, the software we have built to
An Overview of Security Support in Named Data Networking
NDN's approaches to security bootstrapping, data authenticity, confidentiality, and availability are introduced.