Yingchun Zhou

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BACKGROUND Several studies conducted during the past two decades suggested increasing trend of childhood allergic diseases in China. However, few studies have provided detailed description of geographic variation and explored risk factors of these diseases. This study investigated the pattern and risk factors of asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema in eight(More)
MOTIVATION DNA microarrays are routinely applied to study diseased or drug-treated cell populations. A critical challenge is distinguishing the genes directly affected by these perturbations from the hundreds of genes that are indirectly affected. Here, we developed a sparse simultaneous equation model (SSEM) of mRNA expression data and applied Lasso(More)
BACKGROUND It has been found that the most common adverse reaction which occurs more frequently on cetirizine than on placebo is somnolence. However, the somnolence rate varied widely among different studies. The objective of this study was to assess the somnolence effect of cetirizine 10 mg daily compared to placebo in patients aged 6 years and older using(More)
In the recent decade, disease classification and biomarker discovery have become increasingly important in modern biological and medical research. ECGs are comparatively low-cost and noninvasive in screening and diagnosing heart diseases. With the development of personal ECG monitors, large amounts of ECGs are recorded and stored; therefore, fast and(More)
Cardiac safety assessment in drug development concerns the ventricular repolarization (represented by electrocardiogram (ECG) T-wave) abnormalities of a cardiac cycle, which are widely believed to be linked with torsades de pointes, a potentially life-threatening arrhythmia. The most often used biomarker for such abnormalities is the prolongation of the QT(More)
Penetrating cranionasal injuries are relatively rare, usually occur in young children, and can be caused by a variety of unusual objects. The mortality and disability rates are high without appropriate treatment. We report a penetrating cranionasal injury caused by a bicycle spoke. Some fundamental principles in the diagnosis and treatment of penetration(More)
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