Yingchun Chen

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BACKGROUND Chronic disease knowledge is an important prerequisite for an individual to implement behavioural changes towards the prevention and control of chronic diseases (CDs). Limited information is available about the relationship between different levels of health services and CD knowledge among rural residents with CDs. This research explores the(More)
BACKGROUND The increased funding and reimbursement for the New Rural Cooperative Medical System (NRCMS) have provided residents in rural China with better access to inpatient services. This research aims to examine the level of inappropriate admissions to township hospitals under NRCMS, and the determinants that influence inappropriate admissions. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND In the past three years, the Government of China initiated health reform with rural public health system construction to achieve equal access to public health services for rural residents. The study assessed trends of public health services accessibility in rural China from 2008 to 2010, as well as the current situation about the China's rural(More)
BACKGROUND Periodic physical examination is considered helpful in preventing illness and promoting health among the elderly. Limited information is available about the use of annual physical examinations among the elderly in rural areas, however. This research explores the distribution characteristics of annual physical examination use and its determinants(More)
Aimed at the shortcomings of China's Beidou Double-star active positioning system, a new passive positioning algorithm is proposed. According to the data collected from two synchronous satellites, as well as atomic clock and altitude gauge carried by a user, passive positioning is achieved through grid search algorithm. Simulation results of the algorithm(More)
The traditional measurement method of pilot's mental workload is subjective measurement, which is difficult to implement real-time measurement. Much work has done on the eye activity measurement for mental workload, but most of the work just found the relationship between eye movement indexes and mental workload, which did not show how to evaluate mental(More)
The pupil diameter is one of the main indices in eye movement research. Quantitative analysis of pupil diameter can provide the possibility for in-depth study based on eye research. The aim of this article is description and validation of a method for conversion between the pupil diameter measured by eye tracker and the real value, black-round piece method.(More)
Due to its unique character, Coiled tubing technology is widely used in various fields of marine oil and gas operations. But as the stiffness of coiled tubing is small, and the marine environment is complex, it is easy for the coiled tubing to destroy or cause an accident. Therefore we need to study axial load transfer characteristics of coiled tubing in(More)