Yingchun Cai

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To explore the influence of the basic density on collapse-type shrinkage properties and to quantify the relationships of the main anatomical features with shrinkage and collapse properties, all above-mentioned parameters were determined and analyzed for three species of collapse-susceptible eucalypts, Eucalyptus urophylla, Eucalyptus grandis, and E.(More)
The process of wood drying can induce defects caused by drying stress, which limits the processing and utilization of this valuable material. Here, we investigated elastic strain, viscoelastic creep strain, and mechanosorptive (MS) creep strain caused by shrinkage anisotropy using the image analytical method during slow conventional drying of white birch(More)
A new method for monitoring moisture content during radio-frequency (RF)/vacuum drying was developed by measurement of temperature and pressure in wood. Temperature and pressure inside the wood were measured simultaneously during RF/vacuum drying at the same point. The relative humidity (RH) and moisture content (MC) below the fiber saturation point (FSP)(More)
To improve the accuracy of the new in-process moisture content (MC) monitoring concept under radiofrequency/vacuum (RF/V) drying, equilibrium moisture content (EMC) tests were carried out under various ambient pressures, and pressure curves in wood were analyzed during chamber evacuation and heating phases. The results showed that EMC increased with a(More)
Base on actual project and consider geometric nonlinearity and material nonlinearity of structure, the numeric model of long-span continuous rigid frame bridge with high piers is built by using the current FEM software ANSYS. On the basis of the study of sensors optimization placement for bridge, real-time monitoring to different construction stages and(More)
A series of novel chiral heterometal tetrahedral clusters have firstly been separated on cellulose tris-(3,5-dimethylphenylcarbamate) stationary phase by high-performance liquid chromatography using n-hexane as the mobile phase containing different alcohols as modifiers. The effects of concentration and structures of alcohols in the mobile phases and(More)
Elastic strain is one of the most important parameters associated with drying stresses. The research presented in this paper attempts to develop an artificial neural network based model for predicting elastic strain in white birch (Betula platyphylla Suk) disks during drying as a function of temperature, moisture content, relative humidity and distance from(More)
A CeO2-doped Na-Mn-W/SiO2 catalyst for oxidative conversion of methane has been studied in a micro-stainless-steel reactor under elevated pressure; a CH4 conversion of 47.2% with a C3-C4 selectivity of 47.3% (C2:C3:C4 = 1:1:3.3) was obtained at 983 K with 1.0 x 10(5) ml g-1 h-1 GHSV, CH4/O2 = 2.5 and P = 0.6 MPa.
Beeswax was modified through the direct blending of nano-TiO₂, chitosan, acid dyes, and neutral dyes. With the varied modified beeswax, hot waxing was conducted on compressed poplar wood. Treated wood surfaces were characterized with scanning electron microscopy and thermogravimetric analysis. Results show that the C, O, N, Au, S, and Ti elements in(More)