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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE ANRIL has long been considered as the strongest candidate gene at the 9p21 locus, robustly associated with stroke and coronary artery disease. However, the underlying molecular mechanism remains unknown. The present study works to elucidate such a mechanism. METHODS Using expression quantitative loci analysis, we identified(More)
In this paper, the impact of page size on the communication performance is studied. In the interconnection communication of cluster system, the address translation table (ATT), which is located in the memory of the network interface card (NIC) and can in a way be seen as the translation look-aside buffer (TLB) used by the NIC processor, is usually used to(More)
The regulation law used in the drive ratio-changing process of certain type of present mechanical continuously variable transmission was presented and its operation performance studied. The disadvantage of this type of transmission was analyzed followed by proposing a dual-parameter drive ratio regulation law. The vehicle equipped with mechanical CVT(More)
The interleukin 1 family plays an important role in the immune and inflammatory responses. Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a chronic inflammatory disease. However, the genetic association between IL-37, the seventh member of the IL-1 family, and CAD is unknown. Here we show that a single nucleotide polymorphism in the IL-37 gene (rs3811047) confers a(More)
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