Yingbo Zhang

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TGF-β1, upregulated in keloid tissue, promotes the proliferation, collagen formation and differentiation of dermal fibroblasts. miR-21 is one of microRNAs first found in human genome. The aim of our study is to explore the mechanisms of miR-21 in TGF-β1-induced scar fibroblasts proliferation and transdifferentiation. In the present study, first we found(More)
The measurement of molecular interactions with pathological protein aggregates, including amyloid fibrils, is of central importance in the context of the development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies against protein misfolding disorders. Probing such interactions by conventional methods can, however, be challenging because of the supramolecular(More)
Characterizing the sizes and interactions of macromolecules under native conditions is a challenging problem in many areas of molecular sciences, which fundamentally arises from the polydisperse nature of biomolecular mixtures. Here, we describe a microfluidic platform for diffusional sizing based on monitoring micron-scale mass transport simultaneously in(More)
IO N Recently, photonic metamaterials, a kind of artifi cial microstructure material constructed by resonant sub-wavelength electromagnetic units arranged periodically in space, have attracted great attention because of their important applications in fi elds of nanophotonics, near-fi eld optics, and optical cloaking. The optical properties of photonic(More)
Particle filtering algorithm has been applied to various fields due to its capacity to handle nonlinear/non-Gaussian dynamic problems. One crucial issue in particle filtering is the selection of the proposal distribution that generates the particles. In this paper, we give a novel strategy for selecting proposal distribution. Firstly, divide-conquer(More)
Given a module category ModΛ, one considers its almost split sequences (or Auslander-Reiten sequences), and an Auslander-Reiten formula can be established, which describes the relationship for the two end terms of an almost split sequence. These results are called the classical Auslander-Reiten theory. The corresponding Auslander-Reiten theory for(More)
A mixture Kalman Particle Filter (MKPF) based options pricing method is proposed. The MKPF algorithm uses the unscented Kalman filter (UKF) and the extended Kalman filter (EKF) as proposal distribution to generate the importance sampling density. Each particle is firstly updated by the UKF and obtains a state estimation. Thereafter, this estimation is used(More)
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