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The optimal link removal (OLR) problem aims at removing a given number of links of a network so that the spectral radius of the residue network obtained by removing the links from the network attains the minimum. Torus networks are a class of regular networks that have witnessed widespread applications. This paper addresses three subproblems of the OLR(More)
There are quite a number of different metrics of network robustness. This paper addresses the rationality of four metrics of network robustness (the algebraic connectivity, the effective resistance, the average edge betweenness, and the efficiency) by investigating the robust growth of generalized meshes (GMs). First, a heuristic growth algorithm (the(More)
The main issue facing technical collaboration in a supply chain is how to effectively integrate distributed computing resources that are dynamically different to achieve collaborative computing and to support new collaborative computing application demand. The paper proposes a service-oriented conceptual computing model to facilitate the collaboration of(More)
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