Yingbao Zhao

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Inverted pendulum system is a complex, unstable and nonlinear system. In order to make it become an adaptive and robust stable system in control strategy, the mathematical model of linear l-stage inverted pendulum has been established by means of Newton mechanics. The control strategies including classic control methods and modern control methods, such as(More)
A system structure and the procedure of fuzzy control of central air conditioner (CAC) in building are presented in this paper. Discuss the design of improved fuzzy controller about room temperature controller in detail, including the hardware design and software programming based on MCU (Micro programmed Control Unit). The functions of temperature(More)
Nonlinear system analysis is a particular chapter in "Automatic Control Theory". The Analysis methods are very complicated and difficult to be understood. According to the teaching needs of this part, a teaching software platform for nonlinear systems analysis is designed with MATLAB simulation tool. The nonlinear element and linear components against the(More)
Crystallization process control system is a complex system with time variable parameters. Temperature rising rate requirement in each running stage is deferent. In this paper it is introduced a nonlinear scaling factors fuzzy control scheme, which can tune and optimize the parameters of scaling factors based on genetic algorithm(GA). From the simulation(More)
The output of ultrasonic object-location meter changes with the environmental temperature. In order to eliminate such a situation, a new information fusion algorithm based on neural network is presented. A virtual ultrasonic object-location measurement temperature compensation system is realized based on a method of the hybrid programming of MATLAB and(More)
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